Business League


  • We currently do not have a summer league but hope to get one going again next year.


  • 9 hole format
  • 4 players per team

Cost and Winnings:

  • Registration fee: $100
  • Prize: cash award to top teams

Cross Creek Golf Course sponsors a Business League each year.  Generally, competition for the league begins in May and goes through August or early September, depending on the number of teams in the league.  The competition is a nine hole format and is held weekly on Wednesday nights beginning at 5:30 p.m. with a shotgun start.

The Business League is open to all golfers who wish to participate on a team.  The entry/registration fee for a team is $100.  Teams generally have at least four players and can have as many as the captain feels is practical. 

Interest is sought each year starting in February and an organizational meeting of team captains or representatives is held in April.  A weekly schedule and rotation is set up so that each team competes against another team at least once and usually twice during the season depending on the number of teams.  Bylaws for the league, discussion of possible changes needed occur at that meeting.  Play for the league is generally USGA stroke play, but there are certain local and business league rules adapted to speed up play.

The competition is set up so four players from each teams compete against four players from the opposing team.  Each member has an established league handicap (either current USGA handicap or a temporary handicap supplied by league officials).  Competition is organized so that the players from each team are ranked from 1 – 4, so that the #1 player from Team A plays the #1 player from team B, #2 plays #2, etc.  Play is over nine holes and is based on net scores of the opponents with each win gaining one team point (1/2 point each for ties).  League handicaps are revised or maintained weekly based on the competitor’s scores throughout the season.

Usually the season is divided into two halves.  Team points are tallied and the top three teams in each half are awarded a share of the prize winnings from entry fees.  At the end of the season, the top teams from the two halves go through a playoff format to determine league placings and also are award prize money based on that finish. 

For More Information, please feel free to contact:

Lynn Hurt – League President – 

Dave Watson – League Secretary –

Lyle Thomas – League Vice President/Treasurer

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